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Make The Beat Project

In August 2018, Patchwerk and fiscal sponsor, Republic Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, hosted an art and culture community youth project titled Make the Beat Project. Staying true to Patchwerk's initiative, the project aimed to use craft as a lens to teach.


Local elementary school students from Charis Works Christian Academy, Good Shepherd Primary School and St. Mary's Children Home explored the four major cultural influences in Trinidadian and Tobagonian music: African, Amerindian, Indian, and Spanish. They  


conducted cultural analyses, wrote stories and designed decorative steel pans, maracas, dholaks and bandols. They also handcrafted acid wash T-shirts and painted tote bags. 


The project concluded with a community Art and Culture Exhibit. The collection of student work  resembled a history museum. The talented student artists eagerly shared facts about each ethnic group and instrument as visitors toured the colorful displays. The exhibit  also included a little craft boutique that showcased the final apparel pieces. The project raised $2016.00 TTD, which were donated to Charis Works Christian Academy, a local NGO special education primary school,  to assist with school repairs. Check out the event photos below.


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